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               The Chong Kad Channel is located between North Surin Island and South Surin Island.The channel is about 200 meters wide. The national park headquarters is just meters away. It takes simply five minutes to walk from the tent grounds to the water. Though the depth is only one to three meters, you should beware of low or rising tides. The current may be strong enough during the changing tides to drag swimmers out to sea. Watch the speed of leaves or other objects in the water to judge the strength and speed of the current.Before the tsunami, Chong Kad Channel was the home of a large amount of soft corals and many types of fish.  One could find small Poom corals, colourful sponge, hoy meu suea or purple sea flowers. This spot had the least variety of fish in the Surin Islands; however, the large schools clownfish fish (commonly referred to as "nemo" fish) were hard to miss. Small sized fish like pla jim fun, jorake fish, parrot fish or butterfly fish also made this region their home due to its lines of coral in shallow depths. The coral and fish are scarce in this area after the tsunami;please do not touch the sparse amounts of coral and fish left.



****** Map For Chong Kad Beach ****** 

From : Mukosurin National park


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