Hi, nice staff of Sabina

Whenever I come to Surin every year, I"m so happy to have friendly staff in Sabina.

Why is there no such step in Korea?

I"m going back to Surin in two weeks and I have a few questions.

 We are going to Surin on December 28, 2018 and we have already purchased a ticket.

I have no bus to Kuraburi in Bangkok, so I will go to Ranong on December 27.


1. Is it possible to pick up if I pay from Ranong to Kuraburi?

2. If you don"t pick up, can you open the Office at 3 a.m. on December 28?

(I"m going to Kuraburi by taxi. I want to rest in Sabina.)

3.Can I reserve a van for Phuket from Savina on January 1, 2019.

(The destination is not Phuket Airport, it is near Puket Beach.)

 4. How much is a van per person? We have 6 adults.



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1.If you arrive in Ranong on December 27, 2018, you can travel to Kuraburi by bus. You can come to Kuraburi Bus Terminal. Then find a hotel in Kuraburi 1 night, then in the morning of December 28, 2018 at 08.00 am will have a car of the Sabina tour to pick you up from the hotel. Arrive Sabina Tour Office to register before departure. The speedboat will depart from Kuraburi Pier at about 09.00 am.

2. Our Sabina Office Open from 5am onwards
3. You can book a van from Kuraburi Pier to get to Patong Beach.
4. Each fare is 700 baht.
Thank You
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2018 12 28  we reserved 5 pepople to surin

1more  person came

 i want to be able to pay sabina office

and take a boat

my booking name PARK GUN YOUNG




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 You can pay more at the Sabina Tour office , When you arrive

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